Abel Approvals

Abel Approvals is an inbuilt approvals system that enables tight control of an organisation's decision making process. Abel Approval is usually focused on the payment approvals structure of an organisation. With improved controls, appropriate delegated authorities and more visibility across the procurement through process, your organisation has assurance that correct staff actions are being carried out with less opportunity for fraud.

Abel Approvals enables organisations to prove both to themselves and their auditors that tight financial controls are evident. Abel Approvals can streamline processes and procedures, reduce paper work and reduce non value add activities. 

Abel Approvals is fully integrated with purchasing, allowing for electronic ordering from suppliers. Abel Approvals converts the inefficient, manual processes across Procure to Pay into efficient, streamlined electronic processes.

Strengthen Control

Abel Approvals allows organisations to control organisational spending regardless of geography or structure. This includes the ability to set delegated authorities per business unit, authorise purchases before placing the order, and allows for separation of duties.

Reduce Risk

Having tight controls, clear audit trails, better visibility of information and allowing for checking of other's work reduces the opportunity for fraud being initiated.

Remove Waste

Handling large numbers of paper invoices often means storage boxes, shelves with files that have to be put away manually and often high costs to send away or retrieve information. Abel Approvals allows for online storage of invoice documents, saving time and money, as well as providing easier access to information for business users.

Process Automation

Abel Approvals allows organisations to remove the manual pushing of paper around the organisation, avoid losing paper in the internal mail or lost on managers’ desks. Abel Approvals also automates the communication to remind users of tasks needing their attention or simply finishes off a process automatically when someone in the business completes a task.

Enhance Audit Compliance 

With Abel Approvals organisations can track who has authorised invoices, monitor changes in delegated authorities, ensure each invoice has been compared with delegated authority checking rather than a sample check, and have a strong audit trail for transactions.

Accurate Commitment Tracking 

Keeping a track on what the business has committed itself with purchasing is easy with Abel Approvals. Organisations can use standard reports to see what is in progress or to accrue commitments at month end.

Other benefits of Abel Approvals include: 

• User specific matrixes means that complex approval structures can be easily managed
• Requires minimal staff training
• Provides transparency at every step in the process
• Comprehensive view of approvals status
• Information is easily accessible