Abel Approvals

Abel Approvals is a fully integrated solution that allows organizations to manage transaction-based approvals. The Workflow with
Approvals function ensures that corporate policies on purchasing and expense processing are enforced, while maintaining audit trails. Abel Approvals is
integrated with General Ledger and its Purchase Requisitions, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable functions. An Approval Processing Portal allows transactions to be approved via secured real-time Web access.

Abel  Allows You To:
• Establish user-definable rules
• Create budget rules
• Set-up tolerances for budget checking
• Set-up overlapping budget rules
• Set-up purchasing rules
• Set-up approval rules
• Set-up e-mail notification for each step in the approval process
• Review and address transactions awaiting approval via secured Web access

Establish User-Definable Rules

Abel Approvals facilitates the creation of rules that limit access and insure purchasing and budget compliance. These rules allow complete flexibility in meet-ing the organization’s compliance with internal controls and third-party budget and purchasing requirements. They can be set-up based upon a number of user-defined parameters including:
• Specific users, groups of users, or levels of users
• Types of transactions
• Account dimensions and transaction source codes

Create Budget Rules

Workflow with Approvals allows users to create budget rules that enforce both individual account activity and cumulative activity across a group of accounts. Budget checking gives the user the flexibility of budgeting at the individual account level or groups of accounts (roll-up) without losing detailed account activity. Budget checking also allows the user to include transactions that are in process and have not been posted to the General Ledger. This gives the user a complete picture of the available funds and a snapshot of the budget at any time.

Tolerances For Budget Checking

Workflow with Approvals users can set-up up tolerances for budget checking. For example, a certain type of expense can be permitted to exceed the budget by 25percent. This gives the user flexibility when managing the complexities of budgeting.

Overlapping Budget Rules

Users can set-up overlapping budget rules that limit spending by specific accounts and by the entire grant. Most grants allow the user to overspend a particular budget item without receiving prior approval as long as the total budget is not exceeded.

Purchasing Rules

Workflow with Approvals’ user-definable purchasing rules allow the organization to structure their purchasing process as required for internal control. These rules may include:
• Purchasing rules that require approval once a user-specific threshold is met.
• Rules that limit user access to specific accounts and dimensions.
• Rules that specify specific approvals for purchase of specific categories of items as defined by account number
or vendor. For example, computers must be approved by the IT department.

Approval Rules

The system’s approval rules are set-up to inform management that specific transactions require approval before they can be processed. This would include expense transactions that exceed the budget and purchasing transactions for an individual who has exceeded his/her purchasing threshold. In addition, the system’s approval notification process allows the user to select the type of notification for each manager. Some managers will receive information-only notifications, while others will have to either approve the transaction or authorize a budget transfer before the purchase can be processed.

E-mail Notifications

E-mail notifications for each step in the approval process can be set-up based upon parameters for each user. The e-mail notification process includes multiple e-mail templates based upon the transaction type, which would include initiation of purchase, denial, approval, etc. The rules for these e-mail templates can be modified to limit the number of e-mails sent to each individual user. In addition, the e-mail notification can be turned off and the users
can go directly to the Approval Process screen and approve or deny the transactions.

Approval Processing Portal

With the Approval Processing Portal wherever your employees and managers have access to the Web, they also have secured real-time access to the information they need. The intuitive user interface makes it easy for your non-accounting staff to enter and interpret the information they need. The Approval Processing Portal reduces processing times, allowing users to review and address transactions awaiting approval; allow employees to attend
to those purchasing documents.