Plant & Equipment Maintenance

Abel ERP Plant and Equipment Maintenance improves your ability to schedule routine maintenance for internal or customer-owned equipment in a single system. Abel allows you to define the resources that are performing the maintenance and which product equipment is affected by the maintenance. With Abel you have the capability to identify the types of activity what materials are needed and how long they should take to complete. Effective management of regularly scheduled maintenance usually prevents most equipment problems from occurring. Abel ERP helps you respond quickly to unplanned repairs with minimal effect on production and delivery. The unplanned maintenance records urgency and escalation as well as cause and remedy for the unexpected maintenance.

Because of the integrated nature of Abel you use the same tools for labor reporting, material planning for spare or replacement parts, purchasing, inventory control and scheduling as you do for production. This prevents having to learn another system to perform maintenance and reduces the learning curve and acceptance of the maintenance system.

• Maintain schedules for preventative maintenance tasks for plant equipment, internally-used products, and customer- purchased products.
• Maintain multiple task schedules for a single piece of equipment (daily, weekly, monthly, annually).
• Generate work orders for maintenance tasks and remove production equipment from the schedule while performing maintenance.
• Schedule labor resources to perform tasks.
• Use current labor reporting and material handling principles already in place.
• Plan for maintenance parts before you are out of stock.
• Assign service tasks to Regional and Branch locations
• Bill customers quickly and easily.
• Log and track reported problems into the intuitive communication history within the system.
• Record detailed information about unplanned maintenance activities including Fault Type and Fault Codes, Urgency and Escalation Codes, and response Remedy Type and Remedy Codes.