Asset Management Software 

If your job involves maximizing asset up-time and productivity, you know that asset management is more than just tracking the status of each asset. It is also about planning and scheduling the work your people do in order to keep your assets in top shape.text

Abel mobile asset management App gives the field resource everything he or she needs to view, maintain, and modify asset information in the field – as and when it is observed. Using RFID, bar codes, Geo-tags, or any combination of data capture methods, users can instantly view and maintain asset profiles, maintenance and repair history, or inspection status. If follow-up work is required, users can create work against an asset and submit it automatically within Abel ERP.

In most companies assets don’t exist alone. As such Abel mobile asset management ensures that assets are easy to find with simple navigation through extensive hierarchies with extensible structures and asset catalogs that can handle tens of millions of assets. Asset information can be synchronized and stored locally on the device or made available via links to asset management and other back end systems that provide everything the user needs to see and maintain, such as:

• Asset profile details
• Asset documentation
• Maintenance & repair history
• Inspection reports
• Geographic location
• Location within the asset hierarchy
• Existing orders against the asset

At Abel Solutions we know that accurate information, available quickly and efficiently ensures that decision-makers have the right information and are more likely to make the right decisions. Managing and creating work assets directly from and in the field ensures that assets are maintained without issues being “dropped” or delayed. Abel ERP allows organizations to reduce unexpected asset failures and provides a more predictable asset lifetime. Abel mobile asset management reduces your unexpected asset failures and provides a more predictable asset lifetime while increasing your workforce's responsiveness, efficiency and productivity.

Key Features:

• Abel allows you to capture specific geographic information about assets with integrated GPS location capability
• Assets can be photographed with repair or maintenance orders created onsite
• Mobile maintenance workers can be informed of requirements while in remote locations