Abel BI Tools

Abel ERP reporting software takes information from the system and presents it in an easy-to-read, highly interactive format so your organisation makes better decisions. The system allows you to choose how to present your reporting and to choose the right BI tool for your business. So if you want advanced ad hoc reporting, interactive reporting, dashboards, or to utilise your preferred BI Tool Abel ERP provides the data to allow you to make the right decision for your business


  • Highly interactive reports provide online sorting, filtering and conditional formatting, along with changes that can be saved as favourites for re-use
  • Report snapshots deliver rapid response time to user interactions giving you fast accurate data that is real-time
  • Abel Reporting comes with the system and carries no additional cost which is just another reason why Abel ERP is the best value for functionality ERP product in the market today 

Build Reports 

  • Highly formatted print ready reports for client statements and invoices can contain barcodes, charts, images, banners, and more
  • Create reports from your preferred BI Tool, configurable dashboards or through the inbuilt report writer
  • Reports published in multiple formats

 Self-Service Ad Hoc Reporting

  • Easy-to-use, configurable, saveable and drill down reports that give you answers about your business at the instant you need them
  • Build reports from relational and non-relational sources
  • Build and save tables to source the data you want when you need it. If you can read then you can configure data extracts and reports in Abel ERP.

Abel ERP provides a self-service business intelligence suite that is cost effective to deploy

Thanks to Abel’s cost effective model, business users can get quick answers to their questions through self-service reports, dashboards and analysis without the need for costly IT infrastructure and support.

Self-Service Reporting & Analytics for Any User

We recognize that every user has different informational needs. Whether you are a General Manager who wants an interactive dashboard on your iPad, a production manager who wants to drill to detail in an interactive report, an analyst who needs to interrogate and visualize data or a service rep who needs to know client relevant information, our complete report suite has all you need.

Make Reporting Easy

Easy to Manage with the breadth and scale to capture the right data. Our open standards-based SQL extract means that it can easily integrate into your existing IT infrastructure. If you want to merge data from multiple sources Abel ERP allows you the platform to build base data tables from.

Financial/ Production/ Sales Reporting

Need a simple straight forward way to visualise production plans, performance reports, or other data to a small, specific or large audience? Looking to provide something more interactive than PDFs to your users?
Reporting from Abel ERP gives organizations the ability to generate large volumes of print ready & interactive reports and dashboards that provide end-users with the ability to interact with their data inside or outside their organization