Abel Ecommerce

Electronic commerce, commonly known as e-commerce, is a type of industry where buying and selling of product or service is conducted over electronic systems such as the Internet . Abel is fully integrated with numerous structures so you can improve your client experience.

Abel ERP utilises an advanced application programming interface which allows your organization to benefit from fully integrated use of mobile commerce, internet marketing, online transaction processing, electronic data interchange (EDI), automated data collection systems and electronic funds transfer. Abel ERP allows you to use a range range of technologies such as e-mail, mobile devices, websites and more advanced applications such as 3rd party design programs.

While most of clients generally consider Ecommerce to be the sales aspect of e-business,  Abel also facilitates the financing and payment aspects of business transactions. At Abel we believe that embracing Ecommerce is an effective and efficient way of communicating within an organization and one of the most effective and useful ways of conducting business.

Abel E-commerce allows your organization to:

  • Create Web interfaces  with "virtual storefronts" 
  • Utilize digital catalogs
  • Create seamless order entry from business to business
  • Integrate 3rd party systems
  • Maintain visibility of orders and client information regardless of location