Accounts Payable

Abel Accounts Payable provides you with the means to maintain better relationships within your supply chain and to maximize the efficient use of your cash reserves. Abel Accounts Payable provides many automatic features to streamline the creditor management process. Abel Accounts Payable is fully integrated in the Abel system. It has seamless links to the General Ledger, Purchasing and Customer Management, as well as other Abel functionality.

Supplier Identification

When the phone rings or you want to know how a supplier is tracking Abel ERP makes it fast and easy to achieve. Abel ERPs search functionality allows you to search by account number, abbreviated code or multi combination alpha numeric. The search functionality of Abel ERP is second to none and the extremely high performance and speed of the system allows you to track down suppliers very swiftly. 

International Tax capability

Abel Multi Company Accounting incorporates international tax accounting capability and operates in the United States, Australia, Canada, Germany, Thailand, New Zealand and Singapore.

Bulk Automated Payments

Most companies running enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are all-too-familiar with the challenges of conventional paper-based AP processes that saddle AP staff from focusing on its primary tasks (e.g., accurate and timely closing, avoiding late payments, etc.). Abel ERP is an effective tools for archiving critical business data, and can effectively support the processes of each invoice transaction (e.g., receipt, review, approval, etc.). As a result, these historically repetitive tasks that have often been done through manual human intervention become automated. Visibility and productivity improves while error rates go down. What’s more, financial planning, vendor relationships and even regulatory compliance efforts benefit from the greater accuracy and increased capacity. Abel ERP understands that for less complex user’s manual payments should be made simple and easy to input into the system. Abel can handle the needs of a casual suppliers or your most complex partners.

Enter Data once – Repetition is waste

Supplier details are entered once and populate the system, all the supplier history is captured and can be extracted to create supplier reports and supplier grades. Information can be manually adjusted without the need for complication and the approvals and security mean that there is a significant and robust audit trail for each supplier.

Visibility of Transaction History

Knowing where you are in your suppliers cycle is a simple with Abel ERP as the system gives you the visibility to know who needs paying who needs chasing up and who needs sorting out. Suppliers expectations as easy to monitor and terms of trade are readily available and adjustable within the system . Invoices may be placed on “hold” as soon as they are received into your office and released for payment as your approval process is completed. Thanks to the fully integrated nature of Abel ERP Invoices in dispute can be held and reported separately on your suppliers aged balance report.

Recurring Invoices

Abel allows you to simply generate recurring invoices; these may be defined once and automatically generated when required. This gives easy control over areas such as rental charges or maintenance invoices. Abel is a system where duplication is seen as waste and the system represents efficiency and avoids pointless repetition.