Accounts Receivable

Abel Accounts Receivable is designed to help you manage those critical debtor relationships and cash flows. Abel Accounts Receivable is fully integrated in the Abel system. It has seamless links to the General Ledger, Sales Order Processing and Customer Management, as well as other Abel functionality.

Customer Identification

Abel ERP search functionality is lightning fast allowing you to quickly locate client details during conversations and allowing you to access critical information to improve the client experience. The system makes it simple to see how much clients owe, what their terms are and what payments trends are likely given their historical behavior.

Managing Overdue Accounts

Meeting your customers where they need you to be means being flexible or having the capacity to be flexible.. The Abel ERP Accounts Receivable functionality allows the default customer payment terms for each invoice to be modified as they are entered. The system maintains the history of the client so you know exactly when each invoice is due for payment. Clients can be accessed by their payment performance as well as their purchase history. 

Recurring Invoices

Abel ERP makes creating recurring invoices very simple by utilising a ‘hot button’ setup that does all the hard work for you. The automated nature and easy initial setup means your financial has more time to focus on the business.

Multiple Delivery Addresses

Abel ERP allows you to have as many delivery addresses as required so you can simply handle branch and franchise organisations financial requirements. Each delivery address can include a contact details and communication history as well as any special instructions. 

Cost Flexibility

Additional Freight chares as well as duties are easily handled by Abel ERP. Costs can easily be collated and discount can simply be applied either by line or by total. Abel handles very complex pricing and can cope with everything from straight list discounts to extremely complex Multi-level Pricing Models (MLMs)

Sales Analysis

Abels ability to capture sales data and reflect it into future trends is extremely advanced Products, categories, regions etc are only a few of the numerous ways that sales data can be sliced and diced to view it in the way that best suits your business.

Outstanding Debtor Collections 

Abel ERP allows you to manage collecting Accounts Receivable funds on time, automatically and in a way that gives you confidence about what has been agreed and what your and the clients expectations are. Abel ERP gives you significantly improved control which gives you improved cash flow and greater customer satisfaction and retention.