The Abel ERP corporate view makes it simple to consolidate multiple accounts for financial reporting

Period Mapping

If you bring new companies on board of there is a change of circumstance Abel ERP easily handles different year ends between related companies.

Corporate view Mapping

Automatically group accounts according to how it best reflects your organizational structure.

Manage Eliminations

Process the elimination of inter-company transactions.

Balance or Transaction

Consolidate at summary or transaction level depending on your specific requirements.

Translations and multicurrency

Automation and Granular control 

Specify summary or transaction and rate type preferences at General Ledger account level

Multiple Foreign Currencies

Integrate as many currencies as you need.

Foreign Currencies Reserve Management

Handles foreign currency translation reserves automatically.

Dynamic Foreign Currency Rate Updating

Automated inward data feeds ensure the rates being used are totally current.

Tiered Access Security

Create and control user access according to tiered rules to maintain system security.

Audit Trail

All actions are tracked back to users for full audit trail reporting. Transactions posted as General Ledger journal or batch edit listings.

Flexible Rates

Exchange rates can be set to be different across different account types e.g. Profit and Loss or Balance Sheet, or to change across time.

Reporting Tools

  • SQL extraction,

  • BI Tool Integration

  • Abel ERP report writer. 

Reporting Functionality

Abel Report Writer SQL Extract BI Tools Microsoft Excel Dashboards