HR Management

Effective management of your organizational personnel begins with maintaining accurate and detailed records of their attributes and capabilities. Only then can Management obtain a clear picture of the human resources at their disposal and in turn, the organization's collective capacity. Abel ERPs Human Resources Management functionality provides the tools to create a human resource information system that forms the basis of your organization's workforce planning and analysis.

Detailed Secure Employee Information

Abel ERP’s Human Resource Management captures a comprehensive range of information for each employee, including contact details, next of kin, leave balances, medical history, staff development, payroll, allocated roles, curriculum vitae plus all events that are relevant to employee.

Job Functions

Virtually every organization has standard functions that are fulfilled by employees. HRM allows these functions to be defined and allocated to employees as they take on new roles and responsibilities. Using standard functions, HR Managers can ensure that when new functions are assigned to employees, the employee is suitably qualified and equipped to successfully carry out the tasks required.

The functions defined and documented can range from formal job descriptions to informal ‘everyday’ tasks. Each time a new job function is assigned to an employee, HRM adds this assignment to log of the functions that the employee has been allocated. Users can view the employee’s tenure in each job function and which ones they are currently performing.

Curriculum Vitae

A full account of each employee’s Curriculum Vitae (CV) can be kept either as a structured database record, or as a freeform word processing or scanned document attached to the employee record. The CV details include certification, training, skills, education and prior employment. Abel ERP allows you to attach relevant documents to each of the CV items, for example certificates, degrees, licenses etc., as well as letting you create links to other pertinent records within Abel.

Record Control

To cater for even the most dynamic workforce, Abel allows you to activate, deactivate and reactivate records, as circumstances require. This is particularly useful for organizations that use contract or casual labour on a regular basis. Abel ERP allows users to attach files of any format to any of the  systems records. Typical examples would include résumés, licences, certificates or incident reports. Each attachment is catalogued with summary information and stored in a tightly compressed format. These attachments can be opened and printed directly from Abel at any time.

Simple and Robust Reporting

Abel is supplied with a range of standard reports that provide insight and breakdowns required by most organizations. Powerful security is very important given the potentially sensitive nature of employee information, Abel is equipped with an intricate security model, which while being functionally sophisticated, is straightforward to setup and maintain.

Security gives the option of being able to designate whether users are able to access Payroll functions and data, information or both. Abel facilitates security rules that be applied to an individual, or a team’s ability to perform functions and to access particular records. Importantly, each individual’s records can be secured, so that only certain users can access those records.  For example, management’s staff records could be restricted to select people who handle the executive payroll and HR functions. The security settings within the Abel are respected in all reports, enquiries and maintenance screens.