Organizational Information

Organization Charts

Define organization charts based on the hierarchy of positions that have been established. The organization chart can be viewed to show this hierarchy and the employees that belong to those positions as well as output 3rd party structures.

Occupational Health and Safety

By using Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) you are ensuring that any foreseeable workplace hazards are avoided, and if and when incidents do occur, the details are accurately recorded and the correct procedures are followed to resolve any arising issues.

Incident Maintenance

The Incident Maintenance screen allows users to input and view all of the necessary information relating to workplace incidents. Available fields relate to the person(s) injured, the surrounding circumstances, the people involved at the scene and the ensuing events that occur.

Integration to Abel Payroll

Abel ERP is fully integrated integrated, where any data HR or Payroll data entered against an employee is automatically reflected in the corresponding record. Users with appropriate security privileges can perform HR and Payroll employee maintenance functions from the one screen.

Integration to CRM

In many cases, the events that are captured in abel involve people who are not employees of the organisation. Abel captures the contacts and relationships information so that external parties can be entered as ‘contacts’ and their details stored in Abel  for future reference.