Payroll Integration

Abel payroll integration is designed to capture employee hours, leave and allowance payment timesheet information that can then be integrated through the Abel API into your preferred payroll system. The types of employees which can be processed within the module are waged and/or salaried employees with pay frequencies of “weekly” or “fortnightly” only. The system works simply for the automated creation of time sheets and the inbuilt capture of labour costs against jobs. The module also permits the entry of time sheets for multiple pay periods concurrently – this means that time sheets can be entered and reported on daily, even while the current payroll is being processed.

Abel: Payroll

Pays are calculated automatically from the contract, templates and transaction types defined for the each employee with client specific details. Naturally, Abel Payroll caters for many forms of remuneration, and can also split payments between cash, cheque or direct debit accounts. Manual payments, outside of the automated payroll cycle, can be easily processed and tracked for post processing adjustments and termination payments.

Role/ Employee Grouping

Cut down on payroll processing time by allowing users to apply templates to each individual employee’s record. These templates are simple to establish and automatically calculate all relevant employee deductions and employer contributions that are recurring, such as Medical Insurance, Superannuation (including voluntary), Union Fees or any other repetitive items.

Abel is Fully Integrated

Like all aspects of Abel ERP Payroll is fully integrated with the complete system. Pay costings can be charged to any General Ledger account, either in detail for a high level of information within the General Ledger, or in summary for confidentiality. When Abel ERP’s Job Costing module is in use, payroll costs can be directly charged to jobs using either actual or standard costing with optional overhead recovery.

Leave Accrual

Manage and report on all forms of accrued leave, including annual leave, sick or long service leave, bereavement or special leave and public holidays. Each leave type has user definable rules to determine how much leave accrues and how often it accrues. Where most systems simply maintain a running accumulator of hours available, Abel provides a full statement for the employees entire work history, so the current leave balance can be fully audited and verified by both the employer and the employee.


The attachments feature in Abel Payroll further enhances the HR manager’s ability to maintain comprehensive employee records. Hard-copy documentation such as employee resumes, accreditation or sick leave certificates can be attached to individual records, making them readily accessible in the future.