Integration to Design Software

Abel ERP offers real-time integration with CAD software , allowing synchronization of item numbers and bills of material, significantly reducing data entry. Abel ERP utilizes its powerful API to fully map fields ensuring data integrity and ease of use. Abel ERP can integrate with all major design tools and can allow the design engineers to utilize 3rd party tools and integrate those outputs within Abel through the software PLM functionality.

Abel Solutions understands that to some design engineers, an ERP system is either irrelevant or it is perceived as something that requires additional time and effort, often being perceived as providing little or no value. One reason for this perception is that most ERP systems are not integrated with the design engineer’s drawing tool.

With Abel ERPs design tool integration allows engineers to build a unique product designed to meet the specification of a single customer. The two worlds of design and manufacturing are closely linked. Often Engineers need Abel's PLM functionality to store information related to the product process (design-in-process) which incorporates a multitude of engineering changes.  With Abel these changes can be driven by the customer or by the manufacturer and captured in a visible yet secure repository of product information. Abel ERP allows a seamless flow of data between engineering and production.