Abel Ecommerce Integration

Abel Solutions know that your website is most customers' channel of choice for interacting with you. Abel ERP allows you to  leverage the web to grow your business faster and more cost effectively—and deliver an intuitive and streamlined experience to both customers and partners.

Reduce complexity and inefficiency with a complete ecommerce manufacturing solution that enables seamless business from customers' orders to manufacturing to shipping and order tracking

Enable dynamic and intelligent demand planning, integrated inventory management, and procurement management—all in one system

Reduce lag between your customers' demands and your ability to re-plan your manufacturing resources, reducing inventory on-hand while reducing stock-outs and improving SLAs.

Key Features

  • Manage Multiple Webstores from a Single Account
  • Create as many separate webstores as you want—selling the same or different products
  • Manage all of your stores in a single, integrated account that maintains consistent business rules and allows matrix changes across all stores or individual stores
  • Consolidate all your ecommerce business activities—accounting, order management, warehouse management, inventory and fulfillment, returns management, billing, customer support, marketing, and sales force automation.

Customer Specific Pricing

  • Support nearly unlimited price levels for your items
  • Offer your webstore items at different prices to different customers with discounted prices to specified customers
  • Provide volume discounts
  • Accept multiple payment types, including credit cards, PayPal, and invoicing for select customers.
  • Integrated Inventory Management
  • Give your customers the ability to view real-time inventory while shopping on your site, so that they can see whether items are in stock or if they need to be backordered
  • Simplify inventory management, since any changes made in the back-office will automatically be reflected in your webstore