Abel ERP allows you to optimize your inventory, decrease operating expenses and improve your organizations DIFOT performance. Knowing what stock you have and what you are likely to need are key to delivering to customer expectations. 

Happy Customer and Happy Accountant?

Too much stock is a waste of money, not enough stock and you are going to frustrate your clients when you can’t get them what they need when they need it. Abel ERP utilizes forecasting with its instant access to detailed information, advanced forecasting functionality and automatic bin replenishment feature, Abel’s Inventory capability will help you make warehouse management more cost effective and improve your client perception of you. Not knowing exactly what it costs to maintain a certain level of inventory could make your warehouse a cost center, losing money for your business every month. Abel ERP reconciles your inventory with the General Ledger, guaranteeing the two are accurate and in balance.

Accurately input orders, know how much stock you have pick it, build it and dispatch it in the time frame you expect to. With Abel ERP you know how much stock you have, where it is and when you are going to have more. Abel ERP is fully integrated meaning that your procurement teams order or your sales forecast information is not in a silo that your warehouse team can’t see. Greater visibility results in better decisions.