Multiple Warehouses

Abel provides multiple warehouse support through stock separation at branch level and/or by content types such as raw materials, finished goods, consumables, quarantine etc. Detailed inventory stock information is provided for each warehouse including on hand quantities, reserved, allocated, back orders, supplier on order and manufacturing and production requirements and supply. Each warehouse records all inventory movements by transaction type such as purchases, sales, transfers and adjustments. Stocking below zero can be prohibited by user choice, but when allowed, Abel provides a unique process of stock valuation checking each time a stocked item goes through zero.

Inventory re-order from supplier or manufacture and inter-branch replenish information is tailored for each warehouse and provides variants such as min/max, average usage over time and min/max adjustments to enhance the reorder and replenish processes. Definable usage periods and average supply delivery times are also provided by warehouse and used when calculating reorder quantities. Reorders can be generated at company, warehouse, branch or individual supplier levels.