Units of Measure

Abel ERPs multiple units of measure feature enables accurate ordering, manufacturing selling, pricing and costing of inventory items by enabling the transaction to take place in the relevant unit of measure. For each stock code, you can define up to five units of measure: stocking, alternate, other, manufacturing and costing. Multiple units of measure and unit conversion factors can be used for stock storage, stock counts, supplier procurement or customer sales. Alternative Units of Measure can be held against a particular inventory item for multiple supplier and customer variations.

The alternate unit of measure enables you to sell or purchase stock in a unit of measure different to the stocking unit of measure; for example, if you stock items in units, but sell or order in dozens. The other unit of measure provides an additional selling unit of measure. You set up conversion factors to convert the alternate and other units of measure into the stocking unit of measure.

The manufacturing unit of measure enables you to define and process both manufactured parent and component quantities in a unit of measure other than stocking. This feature is particularly useful in situations where products have manufacturing specifications which are optimized for the capacity of the relevant manufacturing resources, but which are sold in different packaged quantities.You use the cost unit of measure to define conversion factors for stocked items where the unit of measure in which the item is stocked is not the same as the unit of measure in which the item is costed.