Defect & Rework Tracking

Tracking defects and rework can be a major exercise in many organizations. Compliance processes and paperwork management are often costly and time consuming.

Abel provides support for defect resolution in a single screen accessible from the original manufacturing work order. This enables you to track and report on multiple defects for the work order and corrective action taken for each defect. You can also attach the defect to the Bill of Materials for future reference.

Abel can record a description of the defect or non-conformance, the defective parts, the work centre where the defect occurred and the personnel responsible for actioning the remedial work. You can send a message to any person in the organization with the defect details attached.

Abel captures your analysis of the corrective action to be taken and you can initiate appropriate activity direct from the defect screen:
• Rework/repair orders.
• Manufacturing orders to rebuild or replace the defective item.
• Return to supplier documents for defective parts.
• Engineering change requests.
• Program change requests.
• Bill of materials change requests.