Bill Of Materials (BOM)

Multi layered BOMs provide the standard and suggested recipes to produce and manage complex manufacturing and production orders. In addition to raw materials, inventory stocks and related expenses, the BOM structure also contains the sub processing requirements (sub manufacture, sub assemblies, sub jobbing, sub production and external processes) as well as the work group and work centre routings and the operational requirements.
Operation requirements can be linked to work instructions and drawings. After the production order has entered the planning state, the contents of the exploded BOM can be further fine tuned to satisfy your specific usages, routings, inventory purchases etc.
Routings via work centers can include setup, runtime and cleanup times for both labor and machine, with setup times being modified according to plant production sequencing. For the smaller manufacturer, work centres are not mandatory and plant scheduling can be performed at the work group level, via labor and/or machine entries in the BOM.