Production Planning

It is normal practice that an organization requires that manufacturing and production orders are progressed through a planning stage to ensure stocked materials are available and labor and machinery is not over committed. Although orders are rough cut scheduled into their correct position according to work order constraints, it is frequently necessary to ensure materials are either available in stock or going to be available before progressing an order into the plant. Abel provides extensive visibility of stocking levels showing on hand, allocated, reserved, on order and shortage quantities. This information can be viewed as first come first allocated, first reserved first allocated or current available positions. Materials coming from stock may be placed on a reserved queue during the planning stage or as the order is progressed to plant production.

It is usually during the planning stage that non stocked materials are ordered from suppliers, with expected arrival dates controlling the final scheduled position for production.

Where the plant has restricted labor or machine availability, or where a customer is desperate for a partial delivered quantity, or where the full quantity of a stocked item is insufficient for a full production run, it is possible to progress a partial quantity into production leaving the remainder in planning. Sub assemblies can also be progressed separately from the parent order either in whole or in part. The same splitting processes are also available during the plant manufacturing and production phases.

It is not essential that all manufacturing and production orders are progressed through the planning stage. Where all raw materials are held in bulk silos, or where smaller build or repair jobs are needed, these can either enter the plant production stage directly, or may be entered directly into the plant and scheduled accordingly. Frequently extra one off jobs may be urgently required as a manufacturing or production extension or when plant rework is needed, a separate order can be created directly into the plant and linked back to its associated plant.