Improve Sales Efficiency

We are sure that the App will improve sales force effectiveness and efficiency. Your sales team won’t need to wait to get back to the office to log back on and download the information they need or add their latest activities to the system. They can do this immediately and will automatically keep their data synchronized and updated. They can also look at sales history, enter orders, look at delivery times and provide information and support that would usually have been held only by the customer services team. This can be done with the customer while on the customer site so it does save a lot of hassle.
Abel Mobile allows a sales person to view specific customer sales, orders, payment histories and contacts instantly from anywhere which means they can be familiar with all details of an account even when they are new to it. This should improve customer service and hopefully sales as all the necessary information about a customer is available at the touch of a button.

The other major benefit the App has created is improved management and employee satisfaction. Being able to access the right information when you need it empowers staff to be more productive. Information can be easily updated on the Abel ERP through their mobile device, records stay up to date and complete – sales managers stay happy. The manager has greater visibility there’s better service for customers and an improved all round usage of your CRM.