Abel Pricing Features

Abel Solutions know that the difference between win and losing can be on well your products and services are priced. Abel ERP gives you the flexibility to price in the way that is best for your business. Abel let organizations approach pricing on a number of levels. If you would like to price at the industry level changes in supplier price can relate directly and automatically to sales prices allowing you to maintain margins over time.

It is essential that ERP computer systems have very flexible pricing capabilities which can be used to develop sophisticated pricing strategies. Abel provides a best of breed pricing arrangement. This ensures that documents are priced correctly, consumption is costed correctly, the warehouse values are accurate and the accounts are an accurate representation of movements and balances.

Abel provides pricing on every item that can be purchased, sold, expensed, used or manufactured. This is not only against inventory items, but includes expenses, recharges, machine and labor recoveries, employee and labor code pricing, in fact any group of items that the user chooses to purchase, consume, manufacture or sell.

Abel’s pricing can be exported and imported from spreadsheets if the organization requires, with pricing history maintained against each pricing line. Future pricing can be established ahead of time which incorporates price promotions with automatic reverts.

All Abel pricing lines are held by unit of measure and currency. Where specific pricing is not provided, unit size and currency conversion will occur as required. Quantity breaks are also provided for all customer and supplier price types. Buying and selling prices can be used to derive each other. For example, a selling price can be derived by marking up a cost or purchase price by a fixed amount and or percentage.