Other Pricing

In addition to the standard base, cost or sales pricing, prices can also be specified for:

  • Rental Items – setup is identical to sales items except the unit of measure specifies the time horizon. For example, week or month.
  • Replacement Items – replacement pricing is configured the same as sales items but is driven by different line types on sales documents.
  • Labor and Machine times – different price lines are provided for setup, clean and run time with the unit of measure always being hours. Where setup or clean is not specifically provided the recovery rate used will default to the runtime price. Price lines are available as a base, a branch, a supplier or as a selling price to on-charge to a customer for time and materials usage.
  • Transfer Pricing – Transfer pricing incorporates the pricing rules for both cost and sales pricing. This allows items to be transferred from one warehouse to another at stock, or standard values or to incorporate a profit handling or freight margin collected by the supplying warehouse. This is frequently used when transferring stock between one company and another.
  • Service and Assembly Pricing – these costs can be used as standard costings for particular quoted repairs, services or assembly. These prices attract all rules from cost based pricing.