Abel Quality Assurance for Manufacturing

Abel ERP Quality Testing for distribution and manufacturing oriented businesses helps automate the quality control processes and tests for serialized, lot or batch tracked inventory items as well as for non-inventory items such as environmental or laboratory metrics. A core strength of Abel ERP is its ability to capture relevant information and move it through through the supply chain and maintain that data so that organizations know when and where their products end up.

Integrate testing into normal workflow so compliance is assured

Inwards goods, In house testing 3rd party external manufacturers can all have integrated tests and test result histories captured within Abel ERP. Tests are classified and assigned to a serialized, lot or batch tracked inventory item with their progress  automatically tracked through the manufacturing and distribution process of your business. Each step in your business process for receipting an item, such as a purchase order or  manufacturing document can be set to a user defined status, eg. quarantined or QC in progress, and are automatically assigned their defined tests and test specifications.

Abel allows you to seamlessly integrate your Quality Control procedures into your overall business process. Once tests are assigned, each Test analyst can view their workload on screen and know just what tests they have in progress or have yet to perform. As test are performed, results from each test specification can be recorded along with who tested, the date and unlimited notes required to elaborate on the test procedure or results can be added. Abel ERP’s Quality Control software will allow you to easily trace all items sold either by serial number or from a particular batch or lot, so you can identify the customers and provide them further information as the situation requires.

Bring Quality Control into your Quality Assurance Framework

Abel ERP brings together quality assurance with quality control. Abel quality assurance allows your business process to integrate the engineering activities required  for a product or service will be fulfilled to the required standard. The system gives you the infrastructure and capability to manage the systematic measurement, comparison with a standard, monitoring of processes and an associated feedback loop that prevents errors in your organisation. This is in addition to can be contrasted with quality control, which is focused on process outputs of your business process.

Abel ERP ensures your products are "Fit for purpose" and "Right first time". It is simple to eliminate mistakes. Abel ERP allows organizations to effectively manage the quality of raw materials, assemblies, products and components, services related to production, and management, production and inspection processes. 


• Flexible test design
• Tests grouped into classification
• Unlimited tests within a classification
• Automatically makes items unavailable for use or sale until approved
• Enforce compliance to quality standards
• Track product through to customer by serial number, batch or lot ID
• Ability to flag users as test analysts and/or authorised approvers
• Segment responsibilities for testing and approval
• Test Analyst workload view provided with drill down to detail
• Online overview of all Quality Control information configurations for classifications, tests and item
• Non-inventory Quality Control tests supported