Customer Relationship Management

Abel CRM tracks all interactions with your customers – from identifying a prospect through to making sure your customer is happy – in an affordable and easy-to-use format. The business benefits of automated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) are simple. Better organization and insight into all relationships across the prospect–to-customer continuum can add powerfully to sales and customer satisfaction, as well as reduce document duplication and delays in quotations. But unless the technology is the right fit for your business the gains can be difficult to realise. Large systems can be expensive and complex. Others, that are not well-integrated, can still leave your staff in silos. And the best technology in the world is useless if your staff find it difficult or resists using it.

At Abel our focus is on developing CRM software that is comprehensive, cost-effective for medium-sized enterprises and readily usable. Like all our software it is installed as standard functionality within the integrated system. This reduces any additional installation or training time, and means Abel CRM is both familiar to your team and automatically connected to all your business operations. Abel CRM incorporates lead management, sales pipeline analysis, marketing campaign building, task management and advanced notes, messaging and emailing functions. This all adds up to deeper insight into your customers, who ultimately are also your business.