Supplier Invoice

A supplier invoice may be built manually, from supplier deliveries, supplier returns or purchase orders. Frequently a supplier’s invoice can contain a mixture of the above documents. In this case the detail lines can be pulled on to the invoice as appropriate. Sometimes part of a supplier’s invoice is to be charged to different cost centers, either within the same company’s accounts, or across company bounds within the database or within an associated external database. When inter-company processing is required the details of the individual lines will be automatically added to appropriate inter-company invoices.

When the supplier’s invoice details are built manually or from purchase orders, and it contains inventory items that are to be receipted into stock, the supplier invoice performs the processing of the supplier delivery and the invoice. When the supplier invoice details are built from the supplier delivery or return, the invoice processing will attempt to adjust inventory stocking values or adjust the manufacturing or production work in progress values. Variances that cannot be managed because stock has already been sold or consumed are posted to an account specified by the user during the set up of the system.