System Activity Audit

Database change logging is provided as standard in any robust database management system and Abel is no exception. These logs are viewable through standard database utilities and through Abel’s System Log Files screen, which enables System Administrators to view all the log files for the Abel System and database from one place. Ten log files are presented on separate tabs within the screen and you can filter the logs for a specified search phrase, making it easier to investigate issues or monitor user activity.

In Addition, Abel provides ‘who, what, when, where’ auditing on a number of activities and provides the ability to search and view these audits through an Abel screen. This is useful for monitoring system security issues, for understanding how changes came about and for understanding system usage e.g. are we making use of particular reports / enquiry functions.

Activities which can be audited are:

Deletion of selected data
Selected changes to key data
All Screens that have been viewed or accessed
All Reports that have been run
All outgoing Email Activity

You can decide which (if any) of the above activities will be audited and how long the logs will be kept.