Abel ERP for Apparel

Abel ERP is the most seamless Apparel software of the market. From Design to manufacture and distribution all financial information is seamlessly captured and allows you to manage your organization efficiently and effectively. 

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Regardless of the Apparel type with Abel ERP you get an integrated enterprise management system with extensive industry-specific functionality that integrates all the activities involved in running your business. Abel is built for companies with both style-based and non-style-based product requirements and allows single or multi-versioned specifications to be built from your  base data.

Abel ERP supports any combination of owned manufacturing, subcontracting, or sourcing to ensure cost-effective processes—from raw materials through to finished goods. The system synchronizes demand and supply throughout your enterprise, while our integrated financials provide an up-to-date view of your business performance.

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Abel ERP offers full multi-company, multi-site, multi-currency, language, and time zone handling. The system links seamlessly with your third party logistics so that you can see materials in transit and effectively manage remote stock locations. So whether your finished product is overalls, designer women's fashion, or business suits, Abel ERP has the software solution to meet your business needs.

Whatever raw materials you source and categories of garments you manufacture, you can configure Abel ERP to meet your specific requirements. It is also flexible, so that it can scale with your business as you grow. You'll be equipped to handle a wide variety of products, high order volumes, variable order quantities, and short customer-order lead times.

Solutions will provide the following functionality:

Sample Management and Tracking

Barcode Integration

1. Manage by Project, Item or Brand
2. Time and action calendar
3. Development in progress: approvals with drill down to comments
4. Multi sample approval tracking
5. Show fit corrections as images with communication history
6. Sample tracking through suppliers, carriers and warehouse’s
7. Group and individual to-do lists
8. Exception reporting with late submits

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Digital Library Management within PDR

1. Seamless integration with Databases
2. Visual image history with versioning and roll back including EM codes Library
3. Smart search capabilities
4. Textile artwork Library management
5. Fashion photo Library management
6. Line and storyboard management


Specification Management

1. Dual Specification for Import Christchurch requirements
2. Codes and descriptions
3. Fully integrated assembly of specifications
4. Fully Specification history and adjustment record

Raw Material Management

1. Raw material libraries (Fabric History Data)
2. Share prints, yarn dyes and packaging artwork with partners through Web Portal access
3. Source from multiple vendors – multi sourcing options and history
4. “Material where used” management – which products use a particular fabric, button zip etc
5. Best Yield markers on items linked to fabric usage
6. Material batch update for all styles in one step. Link all fabric changes and sourcing changes in a simple single step

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