Abel Expertise for the Automotive Supply Chain

Business Process

Abel is specialized for the automotive industry,which means it offers the broadest, deepest solution across every aspect of your business, including:
New product introduction/program management.Program management, product management, and new product introductions are critically important—up front design often dictates your final outcome. Through the Abel Product Lifecycle capability you accelerate time to market and engineer efficient design.  With design-to-engineer features and CAD integration, Abel helps you establish part standardization and product change management to reduce errors and enhance reliability. As a consequence, you’ll increase your ability to quote and launch new products with tight cost controls.

You'll increase profit by reducing the costs of expedited freight, quality issues, and order processing tasks. Plus, it’s easier to use.  Today’s highly synchronized JIT automotive supply chain requires you to maintain an equally well-tuned production process—in real time. Abel provides detailed control over all modes of manufacturing, including configured assembly, engineer-to-order, make-to-order, make-to-stock, repetitive manufacturing, and re manufacturing. From inbound order receipt, to production planning and sourcing, then on to detailed scheduling down to the minute and second, Abel provides the tools to optimally manage all of your resources, reducing waste to a minimum and ensuring that you produce on time, and within planned costs.


Without  machines and tools that can produce at the top levels of performance, you won’t succeed in the automotive supply chain today. As demand increases, your equipment cannot be down unexpectedly. As production lines and workcells become more automated and complex, you must have a maintenance system that provides your staff with the right knowledge to keep things running. Abel asset maintenance and management features let you produce to the maximum with your equipment and tools, get longer life from your capital asset investments, and make processes more efficient to lower energy costs. Our solution lets you run the business with a keen eye on capital assets, to reduce operating costs and unplanned downtime.

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Your stakeholders and investors need to have a solid understanding of how their investment is performing. In today’s global multi-national
venue, this has become more of a challenge. You must link your strategies to your operational plans, performance measures, and people.

Abel puts key operational data at your fingertips with advanced business intelligence tools, including dashboards and sophisticated analytic support.  You’ll instantly get a clear view of the performance of your entire business and be ready to make quick, confident determinations.

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