Abel for Electronics Manufacturing

Abel is designed to give Electronics Manufacturers greater control of their operations through unmatched visibility, traceability and automation, and will provide your electronics business with flexibility and scalability to increase your revenue, improve cash flow and reduce waste.

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The electronics industry is a dynamic, competitive global market. In order to succeed in this market your business needs insight in to anticipated revenue, costs and its efficiency in getting products to market.If your business wants to implement lean manufacturing processes, meet delivery on time to customer requests and achieve outstanding quality standards, Abel for Electronics Manufacturers is the system you need.End to end integration allows procurement, manufacturing, sales and distribution to view real time information, maximizing efficiency and providing the visibility needed to consistently
make informed choices.

Your company’s accounts, sales and service are fully integrated without the need for expensive interfaces or costly software development. Integrated parallel scheduling allows complete supply chains to be managed in a fully integrated singular view.Abel for Electronics Manufacturers has the scope to effectively run the operations for original equipment manufacturers (OEM), electronic service providers, bespoke or consumer electronics producers and any combination thereof.

Robust Supply Chain Flexibility


The manufacture of electronics requires maximizing the supply opportunities of a global marketplace. With this in mind, Abel allows you to effectively manage suppliers, track costs and consumption, monitor international currency fluctuations and measure supply lead times.Complex Electronics Manufacturer supply chains will benefit from the integration of Abel Purchasing with sales, stock, receipting, invoicing and despatch. With the ability to
automate procurement, your business is saved from over-stocking and can focus on achieving lower cost structures and better lead times.
With Abel for electronics manufacturers, your business can optimize its manufacturing and continuously improve delivery to “on time customer requests”.

Electrical manufacturers can now adapt to the changing supply chain demands of production, research and development, quality, service, sales and accounts. Abel’s flexibility and traceability mean any issues are quickly viewed and corrected. From tracking stock consumption through to multiple warehouses and/or global purchasing contracts traceability to component level, Abel for Electronics Manufacturers is the most robust, cost effective
system available.

Get to Market... FAST

New Product Development

Abel for Electronics Manufacturers improves the efficiency of your enterprise through the integration of customer relationship management, accounting, manufacturing and delivery. You can easily track your quotations to customers, automate supplier status and have traceability through supply, production
and despatch.The visibility and traceability inherent in Abel for Electronics Manufacturers minimizes waste by quickly identifying overlaps in resources.
Integration of Bill of Materials (BOMs), drawings and standard operating procedures with internal applications such as procurement, financials,
manufacturing and quality systems means that the time it takes to get your ideas to market is greatly reduced.

Match new design builds with existing inventory components to identify the most cost effective suppliers and processes. Efficient integration of
engineering prototypes to the production line is handled through Abel BOMs and Designer BOM capability. Whether it is a unique request or for one million items, Abel only requires minimal data entry and provides unmatched traceability.A culture of continuous improvement that allows business to maintain a competitive edge in the global electronics market is eminently achievable with the flexibility and scalability of Abel.

About Us

A Manufacturing System to suit you

Abel for Electronic Manufacturers is implemented to match the business system you want today but has the flexibility and functionality for you to be the business you need to be tomorrow. The exceptional parallel production scheduling capability integrates seamlessly across business functions allowing for accurate capability planning. Precise production analysis enables accurate financial analysis - which in turn improves the bottom line.

Abel has the capability to handle demand-driven lean manufacturing or mass production. If your business wants to transition from mass production to lean production, Abel has the ability adapt to changing and dynamic business processes.Whatever your business process, Abel will get you where you want to be.

Performance functions for Electronics Manufacturing

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• Supply chain management
• Lean production
• Corporate view
• Inventory management
• Enterprise portal integration
• Demand planning and forecasting
• Field service management
• Specialized pricing features
• Foreign currency handling
• Fully integrated financials
• Import data from “Design Systems”

Flexible solutions to fit your business

Abel for Electronic Manufacturers is a fully integrated, non-modular, industry specific ERP system that has the flexibility to meet even the most complicated operational requirements. Be it a quality inventory and production daily management meeting, or a quarterly financial meeting, Abel has the reporting functionality to give your organization real time, up to the minute, information that you need to gain insight and analysis in order to make the right

Partner with Specialists

The Abel system is implemented with the help of trained industry specialists. Providing insight and perspective, they smoothly plan, implement, train and support your organization and work collaboratively to deliver a solution that is right for you. With this specialized understanding, service and support, you receive a world-class solution that will be supported as you exceed your growth expectations.

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Grow without Constraints

As an enterprise, you need an ERP system that meets your needs of today as well as the aspirations of your business for the future. Abel for Electronics Manufacturers is designed to adapt as your business environment changes without having to purchase a new business system or engage in expensive business system redevelopment. This unique capability makes Abel for Electronics Manufacturers exceptional value for any growing Electronics business.

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