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Abel ERP : Security Traceability and Control

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Abel ERP for food processing provides the visibility and traceability to manage your organizations supply chain effectively. Abel ERP allows you to record through means of barcodes or RFID tags & other tracking media, all movement of product and steps within your production process and link it with your suppliers and customers supply chain information.


Abel ERP allows you to manage effectively  where an issue of contamination arises, and a recall is required. Where traceability has been closely adhered to, it is possible to identify, by precise date/time & exact location which goods must be recalled, and which are safe, potentially saving millions of dollars in the recall process. Traceability within the food processing industry is also utilized to identify key high production & quality areas of a business, versus those of low return, and where points in the production process may be improved.

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Abel ERP enables the supply chain to tag products items of batches (e.g., order date/time or a serialized sequence number, generally through the use of a barcode / RFID) which can be traced through the entire production flow, linking all sections of the business, including suppliers & future sales through the supply chain. Messages and files at any point in the system can then be audited for correctness and completeness. 

Abel ERP enables you to quickly find the particular transaction and/or product within the supply chain and identify what has been affected. To know more about how Abel ERP can give your fodd and Beverage organization a robust infrastructure that allows you to effectively manage your supply chain contact Abel Solutions.