Food Manufacturing 2

Life sciences and pharmaceutical companies depend on high sales margins, technological advances and rapid product introductions for strong business growth.  Abel ERP for pharmaceutical and life sciences manufacturing, you get the tools you need to manage the constrictions of such growth, including shelf life constraints, cost pressures and strict regulatory requirements around manufacturing and product approvals.

Life sciences and pharmaceutical companies constantly strive to bring products to market quickly, yet control costs by monitoring operations at a detailed level, keeping a close watch on yields and labor, tracking raw material usage, and planning production shifts to maximize capacity. Abel ERP provides visibility across all areas of your organization from finance to manufacturing. Abel speeds the flow of goods, eliminates waste due to costly shelf-life expiration and returns, optimizes production operations and delivers increased efficiency to meet new product introduction demands, while helping keep costs at a minimum.

Honey Manufacturing

Life sciences and pharmaceutical manufacturers handle active ingredients that are often very expensive in small quantities so they are often reused and/or recycled several times. Abel ERP software models the processing and reprocessing of such materials. It also helps minimize over-runs and short-runs, and uses shelf-life tracking to take expiration dates into consideration during production and into the distribution process. You can also centrally manage co-products and by-products in your formulas or recipes and always know the correct inventory status for any given item.