Describe how Abel ERP delivers an integrated system.

Abel delivers true Enterprise Resource Planning capability across all business functions installed in a single system. Our Pricing Model offers Abel users the benefit of selecting the functionality they use while retaining the option to easily expand usage as their business grows or requirements change.
Abel is a robust, flexible and easy to manage Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system 

  • Fully Integrated Financials / Inventory / Manufacturing / Job Cost/ Advanced Warehouse Management / Distribution / CRM
  • Flexible to meet your needs - Highly Configurable
  • Auditable business solution - Highly Visible
  • Highly Functional, Non Modular - Engine based
  • Scalable - Small Enterprises /Large Multinational Corporations

How Does Abel ERP can assist your organisation to gain greater visibility of the inventory and production planning.

Abel ERP can help manufacturers achieve the efficient and effective use of their manufacturing assets and provide customers with the visibility they need to make informed decisions. Abel ERP provides a powerful opportunity for many manufacturers to gain critical insight and competitive advantage by taking them beyond simply managing internal business processes. Your orghanisation will be able to find valuable information at the edge of the company—along those boundaries and interaction points that occur between the manufacturer and its customers and suppliers.

Abel ERP provides a platform that enables effective response to the changing supply chain with reduced long-term information technology costs. The system will help your business achieve global visibility in a demand-driven supply chain.
We believe that it is critical for businesses to have effective cost management throughout projects while optimizing inventory investment and continuing to provide excellent customer service. To do so, organisations need to know where inventory is throughout the entire supply chain—which is information Abel ERP can help to provide.

Knowing when and where inventory is needed will enable your company to develop the best plan for production and resupply in critical customer relationships—building only what is required for shipments. Beyond having the right data for internal operations, businesses must also be able to provide customers with visibility into inventory and product availability. Abel ERP is demand-driven, with real-time intelligence which allows managers to make timely and effective decisions. By integrating data, standardizing processes, and opening up visibility to your organisations global supply chain, Abel ERP can offer a fast path to reduced cost structures, increased speed, and improved transparency that can improve customer satisfaction and company profitability. 

How does Abel ERP data entry and data maintenance activities  ensure that forecasting and planning outputs are relevant for decision making

On-going management of the system data is critical to project plans. Your company policies and procedures dictate within Abel ERP what changes users can make, when users can make them, and who is authorized to make them.  When Abel Solutions define a job or sub job as being planned, planners can choose to automatically reduce master production schedule entries. A periodic process (planning manager) automatically reduces master production schedule entries for discrete items based on the option your organisation chooses. The planning manager deletes master production entries for repetitive items.  Abel ERP can use this option to automatically reduce master production schedule entries for discrete items within the demand time fence of the item. If a master production schedule spans a demand time fence, Abel MRP and Supply Chain Planning truncates it on the time fence date.