As leaders in integrating enterprise mobility systems in Australia, we are really pleased with the way Abel gives us everything we need in sales, purchasing, time-sheet recording and reporting simply in one system. Abel makes it easy to manage the business and reconcile accounts – I have been impressed personally by the quality and efficiency of their customer support.…

Melanie Liao, Financial Controller , AirData Pty Ltd, Sydney

Abel is making it easy for us to work in our own way to meet in country compliance requirements worldwide. The visibility and flexibility Abel gives us is enormous.

Jane Bell, Chief Financial Officer Besra Gold Inc, Besra

We run all our financials across 27 separate business units plus a manufacturing plant on Abel. We have been really impressed in particular with the Abel Multi Company functionality. This has made inter-company transactions a breeze, significantly reducing our administrative overheads and importantly helped us get our accounts out a lot faster.

Ean Barton, IT Manager, CTI Logistics, Perth

We chose Abel because it was the best at being easily able to adapt to our specific needs. We use it to run all our business operations and we really like knowing that as we grow Abel’s scalability means we can easily add functionality without having to move to another platform.

Jay Marshall, Marketing/Purchasing EW Sinton Ltd, Auckland, EW Sinton

Abel gives us control of the business because everything is controlled with just one tool… If I’m going to a meeting in the South Island or I’m in Europe I can log-on and see a full, most recent report instantly; it doesn’t matter where I am.

Tomasz Malarczyk, General Manager, Guala Closures, Auckland

I was impressed that Abel could simply and efficiently provide effective consolidations and foreign exchange capability, had the potential to grow with the company, to be customised in a timely manner and provide very good value for money…

Robyn Himmelberg, Group Finance Director Inventis Ltd, Sydney, Inventis Technology

Abel gives us absolute visibility from go to whoa … They are always prepared to absorb and work through the detail and go the extra mile.

Chris Bowman, Operations Manager Manuka Health, Te Awamutu, Manuka Health

It was a level of service that is much more than I have seen from any other software company. The job was just done.

Chris Renfree, General Manager Mastip Technology Limited, Auckland, Mastip Technology Ltd

Abel now shows us instantly the availability and location of all components. Abel tells us where the bits are. We could not have grown as we have without an ERP system like Abel.

Warwick Dawes, Chief Financial Officer, Mastip Technology Limited, Auckland

Abel gives us the ability to enhance what we offer, not just in testing services, but in our other features that make life easier for our customers.

Duane Knowles, Chief Executive Officer, New Zealand Wool Testing Authority

It’s one of those systems where everything just stays nicely in balance. It is all so nicely integrated. I have worked with other systems where items in your general ledger go out of synch. But with Abel all the sub-ledgers stay in balance, which saves a lot of headaches

Tom Ryan, Accounting Manager, New Zealand Wool Testing Authority

In Abel we saw the capability to meet our critical requirements for efficiency, speed, flexibility and scalability. Abel has delivered all that and more.

Jim Kearns, VP Finance & CFO, Alsco, Salt Lake City